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STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova

Rating: 3.5 / 5

STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova was one of the highest rated books on my TBR on Goodreads that I didn’t remember putting on my TBR. I put it in a poll on bookstagram and this one had a lot of support so I added it to my January TBR!

STILL ALICE follows Alice Howland, a happily married 50 year old woman with three children and a job she loves teaching at Harvard. She begins to notice a little forgetfulness creeping into her life which is very unlike her and initially blames it on age or menopause, but soon can’t overlook that things are deteriorating. The diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s is devastating and the disease’s progression is quick. This book follows Alice as the disease worsens and she and her family must come to accept their shifting reality.

Having lost my grandfather to Alzehimer’s this is a book that hit close to home as it is something that always left a bit of worry in the back of my mind as to whether it would rear up again in my family. For Alice the disease quickly takes away her ability to work and soon even takes away her ability to enjoy the things she once loved like time with friends, running, reading and traveling. This is a disease that we associate with the elderly, not those who should be in the prime of their life with many years to look forward to.

As the reader we are given Alice’s POV and inner thoughts, but we are seeing things from an outside perspective so we see her repeat her stories and suggestions when she has no idea why those around her are not reacting as she would expect. We see her stubbornness to combat the loss of her memories and her depression as she realizes that she gets stuck on even the simplest of things.

This may not be the best piece of literature overall, but it delivers a strong and heartbreaking story. The book occasionally goes into a more informative mode, delivering information about medications and support resources which are good information, but perhaps not a perfect fit for the narrative flow of the book.

Overall I am glad this wound up on my TBR. It is a book I would recommend for those looking to read something related to chronic illness or a neurodiverse character.

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3 thoughts on “STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova”

  1. This is a poignant and heartbreaking read……especially if you make personal connections, 💔 You might enjoy Fredrik Backman’s novella with the same theme……And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer And Longer.

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