Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

We were feeling the need to get some literary travel in for August with the #SaturdayBookstaClub buddy read that I help to host on Bookstagram, so we picked THE LAST FLIGHT by Julie Clark as our fist read of the month! I kept hearing wonderful things about this one and couldn’t wait to get started, but somehow wound up not starting it until the night before our mid-way chat. As it turns out that was the right way to go about it because it was hard to stop reading!

THE LAST FLIGHT follows two women. Claire is the wife of an up and coming politician, but behind closed doors he is not the man the public sees. Claire feels trapped in a dangerous relationship and she’s seeking a way out. She finally has all of her plans in place, but a last minute change to her itinerary ruins everything and she finds herself sent to Puerto Rico by her husband which is not the destination she had planned for.

Claire is approached at the airport by a woman named Eva. Eva has overheard Claire’s desperation and has hatched a plan to switch places with Claire. Eva will go to Puerto Rico and Claire will take Eva’s place on her flight to Oakland. All seems good until Claire arrives in California to learn that the plane to Puerto Rico has crashed with no survivors. She is stuck in Oakland, presumed dead, with no money, no ID and no prospects. She steps into Eva’s life, but it turns out Eva didn’t tell her everything.

From the prologue I was absolutely hooked on this story! We’re following Claire primarily in the present day and Eva in the past. Claire’s story gives us details on how she came to be involved with her husband and the day to day abuses she suffered. With Eva there is even more mystery. Eva has wound up in a very difficult situation, but the details are slowly revealed over the months leading up to the crash as the POV switches back and forth. We are left to wonder what caused Eva to run and how it might impact Claire in the present.

There were so many theories and questions to discuss at the mid-way point and the conclusion so this made for a really fun and entertaining buddy read! In a summer of wonderful thrillers this has been one of my favorites so I recommend you add it to your TBR!

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