Book Review

THE LAST PIECE by Imogen Clark

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LAST PIECE by Imogen Clark was an adult Once Upon a Book Club book box pick from a couple months back and I managed to finally squeeze it into my October reading. When they sent these adorable sunglasses with the box, I don’t think this was the purpose they had in mind, but let’s face it, Kylee is much more stylish than me! And really, after this anxiety ridden week, don’t we all need a cute dog in sunglasses to brighten our Friday?

THE LAST PIECE centers on the Nightingale family. Seemingly out of nowhere mother and grandmother Cecily takes off for Greece and doesn’t share any reasons with her daughters. Felicity is dealing with marital issues, Julia is dealing with a life she feels is lacking and Lily is dealing with the chaos of raising five kids and now they all must deal with the mystery of their mother.

This wasn’t a book I knew much about going into it, but I wound up really enjoying it! The mystery of why Cecily has taken off to Greece plays out over the course of her visit through present day explanations and flashbacks to her past. Her daughters’ stories are compelling as well as the family tries to overcome petty squabbles and serious issues which felt true to a real family dynamic.

I am glad that Once Upon a Book Club put this one on my reading list and I really enjoyed the entire box experience for this one! If you like family dramas, this is one that I would recommend. Also, if you are interested in subscribing to the box, DGREADS10 will give you 10% off your first order!

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