Monday Morning Reading Check In

Hello book friends, I hope your Monday and your week are off to a good start! I had a big reading weekend, so I thought I’d provide a #24in48 recap as part of my Monday morning check in this week since I cleared out a lot of my in progress reads and led into my actual currently reading!

If you’re not familiar with this particular readathon, the goal is to read for 24 hours over the 48 hour readathon and it is a great motivator to get reading in! Between print and audio I managed to read 26.5 hours with 6 books finished during that 48 hours:

I had two books that I was about halfway into when the readathon started: SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King and Owen King for #constantreadersbookclub and THE PUSH by by Ashley Audrain for #SaturdayBookstaClub. I also read A QUIET STORM by Rachel Howzell Hall which was my #RoryGilmoreBookClub pick for February and RUBY RED by Kerstin Gier which was one of my #PopsugarReadingChallenge picks. I also added two reads to my TBR mid-readathon with THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake and THE PALE DREAMER by Samantha Shannon. In addition to finishing these I also made progress on INTRUDERS by Mohale Mashigo (which I finished after the readathon ended) and even a bit of ULYSSES by James Joyce which I’m now 10% into. All in all it was a big success!

For what I’m now currently reading (in addition to ULYSSES which is going to be a long haul), I finished off my weekend by starting HOW LONG ‘TIL BLACK FUTURES MONTH by N.K. Jemisin which is the February #deepdarkreads book. This is the author’s collection of short stories. I loved Jemisin’s The Broken Earth trilogy and recently reread the first book in that series which reignited my commitment to read more of her work. I’m happy to revisit the world of The Broken Earth in her stories and also to see some of the other worlds she’s envisioned (including an origin story of sorts, I gather, for THE CITY WE BECAME, a copy of which just came in my BOTM box). I’ve currently only read the intro and the first story, but I’m excited for more!

So, in summary – lots of reading this weekend which thankfully didn’t burn me out. I’m still eager to read all the things. Good thing since I have one or two more readathons to join in the next week and I somehow added enough extra books to my TBR for the weekend that I didn’t come out as ahead as I expected. Figures!

How was your weekend’s reading? Find any new gems that should be on my TBR?

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