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LORE by Alexandra Bracken

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for Kylee!

Rating: 4 / 5

I received this absolutely amazing special edition of LORE by Alexandra Bracken in a Fairy Loot box and I decided to jump in for the readalong hosted on their community page over the past week.

LORE is set in New York, but unknown to most of the city’s residents, this year it is the site of a great battle among the Greek gods. Every seven years, something called the Agon begins in which Zeuse punished nine Greek gods to walk the earth as mortals for a week while being hunted by descendants of ancient bloodlines. To kill a god is to assume his powers for yourself, so the hunt has some serious consequences and a lot of collateral damage.

The title character Lore was once a part of one of these ancient bloodlines, but she left that world and went into hiding after the brutal murder of her full family. Not knowing that New York will be the site of this year’s Agon, she is shocked when Castor, an old friend she believed dead, comes to her for help. She’s surprised also to find a badly injured Athena on her doorstep also seeking help. Lore resists, but is slowly dragged back into the world she left behind, unsure why she seems to be a key player in this year’s hunt.

This book was initially hard for me to get into. There are a lot of characters and backstory to learn about, even with a bit of knowledge about Greek mythology. The information given was definitely needed for the rest of the story. The second half of the book definitely made up for the initial slowness and all that information we learned did pay off!

The author did a fantastic job of throwing in twists and turns that I did not see coming. Bracken slowly revealed clues and answers to mysteries as we followed Lore both through the present day and through her memories of the last Agon. I enjoyed Lore as a character and her loyalty to her friends and to her promises. It all came to a satisfying conclusion for me as well.

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