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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday! For those celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. For everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I kicked off my slightly long weekend taking a half day off on Friday and making a trip to the cupcake shop, so it was a pretty good weekend for me!

For today’s current read, I am working on finishing up THIS STRANGE WAY OF DYING by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. I really enjoyed MEXICAN GOTHIC so have been wanting to pick up more of her writing, so I chose this story collection for my #ReadTheWorld21 pick for May. The collection is subtitled “Stories of Magic, Desire & the Fantastic” which is an apt description. The stories are speculative with magical realism and fantasy mixed in. There is a good mix of stories in the collection with folklore and magic covering a variety of subjects.

As with any collection, some stories were more impactful than others, but I am appreciating her narrative voice throughout. There have been a few stories where I can especially pick up on the same atmospheric writing that I loved in Mexican Gothic. I am hoping to finish this one up this week!

I of course have a few other reads underway as well:

THE INVISIBLE HUSBAND OF FRICK ISLAND by Colleen Oakley (out 5/25 from Berkley). I am part of a buddy read for this one and we’re at the halfway checkpoint today. This book follows a reporter who goes to Frick Island to cover a cake walk and stumbles into an amazing story. Piper’s husband was lost at sea and declared dead, but she still acts as though he is alive and present. The thing is, the people of Frick Island have gone along with it, interacting with Piper and her Tom as if he is right there with her. This is a really touching story so far and I’m eager to chat about it!

A WINTER’S PROMISE by Christelle Dabos is book one in The Mirror Visitor Quartet. I won a copy of the sequel some time back, so have been wanting to pick up the series. A friend suggested it for a buddy read and I’m glad because I’m really enjoying it. This is set in a world broken apart with arks of land adrift. Ophelia is a reader, a young woman who can read the history of an object with a touch. She also has the ability to travel through mirrors. She has been sent to another ark, the Pole, to be married to Thorn, a brooding man who seems no happier than she is at the prospect of marriage. The pace of this one is a little slower, but the writing is great. I’m about halfway into this one and excited to see where it goes.

I’m also getting back into THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough for the #ClassicsBuddyRead. We have our second chat this weekend so I’m hoping to finish up the book shortly thereafter. This one is set in Australia following the Cleary family through a lot of difficult times. The main focus is on the sole daughter Meggie who is largely left to grow up alone. I am finding this one a fun and a very easy read!

How is your May reading going? What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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