Book Review

THEME MUSIC by T. Marie Vandelly

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THEME MUSIC by T. Marie Vandelly has been one of the most popular recommendations when I have asked for spooky reads so I was thrilled to recently receive a copy in a book box!

THEME MUSIC follows Dixie Wheeler, otherwise known as Baby Blue. As a baby, Dixie was the sole survivor when the rest of her family was brutally murdered by her father before he ended his own life. The song Baby Blue was playing when she was found and it has become the theme music that defines her. It has been 25 years and Dixie still has more questions than answers.

When Dixie sees that her family’s old house is up for sale, she makes arrangements to move in. She pulls all of her family’s old belongings out of storage and tries to recreate the home she doesn’t remember. This seems a bit creepy to those in her life, made even more so when Dixie begins to hear and see things around the house that make her question what really happened and what is currently happening to her.

THEME MUSIC was a perfect read for spooky season and I can see why this one gets so much praise. There are a lot of times, especially early on in the book, when I had to wonder at WHY someone would move back to the house where they once upon a time witnessed their whole family’s murder even if you didn’t remember it all. I was quickly sucked in to Dixie’s attempts to recreate her old house from the remnants of a life her family left behind.

As the neighbors begin to fill Dixie in on the house’s history and the reports made by past owners of the strange happenings there, you quickly develop more and more questions. It is understandable why what is left of her family wouldn’t want to dwell on this shadow in their past. Still, she has one uncle who believes her father was innocent and that opens up even more questions!

This has some fantastic creepy moments and definitely some gore along the way too in the violent way her family died (including young kids) so do bear that in mind. That said, this is one I definitely am happy to have read for the season and one I would recommend!

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