Book Review

DREAM GIRL by Laura Lippman

I received a gifted copy of DREAM GIRL by Laura Lippman! Thank you to William Morrow Books along with the gifted sleep mask to match! (I’m sure they intended it for my dog to wear, right?)

Rating: 4 / 5

DREAM GIRL finds author Gerry Andersen bedridden after a horrible accident in his home. He’s entirely reliant on the staff he brings in to care for him and his business affairs, an assistant and a night nurse. While trapped he faces visits from his ex-girlfriend, a woman not quite accepting that their relationship is over and even less accepting that the finished relationship means being cut off from his financial support.

Even more confusing and frightening are the phone calls Gerry is getting. The calls are coming from a woman who claims to be the woman who inspired his hit book Dream Girl. Though he knows that this dream girl was created out of his own imagination, this woman claims to know that she was his inspiration. Most unsettling is the fact that the call logs show that these calls never actually happen. As if that wasn’t enough, he wakes up one morning to find a dead body on the floor and he has to question everything he knows and remembers.

I went into this book pretty blind and didn’t know what to expect, but I was instantly hooked in. While the idea of spending a day in bed with my books sounds like a good thing, the idea of being physically limited to only being in bed, reliant on others for nearly everything sounded like a nightmare from the very beginning. Add to that being in pain and not having anyone you really trust there with you and it was the prime setup for things to go really, really wrong.

Gerry’s pain and medications make him an unreliable narrator in a way that I enjoyed. Gerry doesn’t know enough about what is real and what is imagined to fully clue the reader in either. This sense of confusion comes through well on the page and definitely kept me guessing along the way. I had quite a few theories that didn’t prove out and while I did make some good guesses, the author threw in a number of surprises I very much enjoyed.

This is a book I would recommend to the thriller fans! I look forward to reading more from Laura Lippman in the future!

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