Monday Reading Check In


I received a complimentary copy of WAIT FOR GOD TO NOTICE by Sari Fordham as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books tour. Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read and review!

WAIT FOR GOD TO NOTICE is the author’s memoir focusing around her time growing up as the daughter of Adventist missionaries. Most notably was their deployment to Uganda in the midst of political upheaval and terrifying conditions. From their first days there when driver ants, capable of consuming anything in their path, found their way to her bed, it was clear this wasn’t any ordinary place to live. Snakes are found everywhere, monkeys raid and demolish gardens and food is edible as long as it doesn’t have “too many” bugs in it.

Uganda is not a place I know too much about, so I found the discussions of both the setting and the politics to be interesting. Her descriptions of their environment through her memories of what her young eyes picked up were sometimes terrifying, but also beautiful. That her father was so determined to stay on mission even as most foreigners were evacuated in the unrest added to the terror and tension of her life. The book follows their life in Uganda and in the time before and after. Having lived in Uganda, the family had struggles fitting back in to their old lives.

The author supplements her own childhood memories with family documents including letters between her parents and their family and her relatives’ recollections as well. This all combines to provide a unique story different from any others I’ve read.

WAIT FOR GOD TO NOTICE by Sari Fordham is available now!

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