Book Review


I read YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS by Kal Penn as part of a #NonfictionBookParty buddy read hosted by my friends Jaymi @theocbookgirl and Asha @ashareads on Instagram.

Rating: 5 / 5

YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS is the author’s memoir, self-narrated on audio. He speaks about his childhood, his time in entertainment industries and his time in politics first working for Barack Obama’s political campaign and later in the White House. Though perhaps best known for his roles on the screen, he has had a lot of different experiences to share.

This isn’t a book that was on my radar, so I am very glad that the buddy read had me picking his up on audio because I wound up loving it! I really didn’t know much about Kal Penn apart from having seen him on the TV show House. I had no idea that when he was very abruptly exited from that show that he did so in order to work for Barack Obama. I loved hearing about how he became involved in politics after first reluctantly attending a campaign event and then signing on full force to recruit voters and to work in the White House.

The memoir also is very open about the racism found in the entertainment industry. From trying to make a break into acting and only finding roles where he was asked to play up racial stereotypes and accents to finding networks putting less effort and resources into promoting a show with a diverse cast, the stories are sad, but unfortunately not entirely shocking.

I am very glad that I picked up this memoir for November! It gave both insightful thoughts and hilarious moments. It is a book I would recommend you add to your TBR!

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