Book Review

A FLICKER IN THE DARK by Stacy Willingham (Out 1/11/2022)

Thank you to Minotaur Books and Stacy Willingham for the complimentary advance readers’ edition of A FLICKER IN THE DARK for an honest review.

Publication Date: 1/11/2022

Rating: 4 / 5

A FLICKER IN THE DARK follows Chloe Davis, a practicing psychologist with a dark past. When Chloe was a kid, her father was arrested as a serial killer following the disappearance of several teenage girls in their small town. The impact of this history is something that Chloe is still grappling with twenty years later.

In the present day, teenage girls are once again beginning to go missing. Surely it is a coincidence or a copy cat, but Chloe can’t be sure. This puts pressure on her relationships and her practice, even as things seem to be closing in on her.

This book kept me hooked! This isn’t a book where I always loved (or even liked) the main character. She made bad decisions and wasn’t always reliable, but given the trauma of her past and what we continue to learn about the summer her father was arrested made me willing to give her some grace. She is under an incredible amount of pressure as things escalate.

While I did figure out some elements of the ending, there were some surprises along the way that kept me guessing! I also listened to part of this one on audio and really recommend that as well. Sometimes books which move back in forth in time can be difficult on audio, but I didn’t find that to be an issue here.

This was the author’s debut and it made for a well written, solid thriller. I will definitely be looking forward to what Stacy Willingham brings us next!

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