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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday and Happy Valentine’s Day to all my book friends! It’s a work day which is never a fun thing, but I did get up and take a nice walk with my furry valentine Kylee this morning to kick the day off, and I have reading and puppy snuggles planned for the evening. Knowing there is a three day weekend ahead helps a bit too!

Last week was a fun #Polarthon reading week and I got a lot of good reading in to finish off my TBR with a couple extra books also. This week I’m working on catching up on my #JarofTBR books and my buddy reads, starting with CITY OF DRAGONS by Robin Hobb for #Elderlingalong! At the time I took this picture, it truly was a current read, but I took it along on my walk this morning and in the car on the way to work and actually JUST finished it.

This is the third book in the Rain Wild Chronicles series and the twelfth book in the overarching Realm of the Elderlings series. This has been my least favorite of the different series within the larger scope of the story, but even with that these books are still really enjoyable reads.

These focus in more on the young dragons of the world and the group of teenagers who have been tasked with helping them survive a journey to a new home. As such, there are a lot of horny teenagers and petulant dragons with a lot of attitude on all sides. Still, the action did pick up in this installment of the novel and I actually liked this one a lot more. I do look forward to the live show for this book to hear others’ thoughts as the feelings on the Rain Wild Chronicles books have been mixed so far.

I do have a couple other books in progress today:

THIS MIGHT HURT by Stephanie Wrobel (Berkley Pub; 2/22/22) is a dark thriller. After loving the author’s DARLING ROSE GOLD, I was so excited for this one and I am definitely hooked at the halfway point. We’re following a few different women, shifting POV between a couple, and it isn’t entirely clear from the beginning how they interconnect. We’ve got a camp for women to entirely disconnect and overcome their fears, and a woman who is looking for her sister after she went to the camp and cut off contact until a mysterious message arrives, and a POV of a child growing up with an abusive father. I can’t wait to finish this one up tonight!

I also started ACE OF SPADES by last night. It follows two POVs. Devon is a talented musician who is used to flying under the radar. Chiamaka is used to popularity and attention. Both have secrets they’d rather keep under wraps, but someone known only as Aces is determined to make waves and uncover secrets. I am definitely feeling some Pretty Little Liars vibes with this one so far and I’m very intrigued to see where this is going to go as I’ve heard fantastic reviews!

So, it seems that I’m in a dark thriller mood for the holiday of love! No big surprise there! I hope you all have a wonderful day and week ahead! Do you have VDay plans? Anything good in your currently reading stack? I’d love to hear!

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