Book Review

THE OTHER PEOPLE by C.J. Tudor (Out 1/28/2020)

Publication Date: 1/28/2020

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I received a complimentary Advance Reader Copy of THE OTHER PEOPLE by C.J. Tudor. Thank you to Ballantine Books for the chance to read provide an honest review! I was a huge fan of C.J. Tudor’s prior books, especially her debut THE CHALK MAN so when I heard about this new release I immediately requested the chance to read it for review and was thrilled to get it in the mail!

In THE OTHER PEOPLE Gabe is stuck in traffic late to get home for dinner with his wife and daughter. It is clear quickly that his marriage is in trouble and he is stressed about getting home late again. With nothing else to do, Gabe is reading all of the many bumper stickers plastered to the rear window of the car in front of him and is shocked to suddenly see a girl he recognizes as his daughter peering out at him. He attempts to get the driver’s attention, but loses the car in the traffic. Though he knows what he saw, he is told that his wife and daughter are dead.

Years later Gabe is living in a van, wandering from service station to service station looking for the car from that night or any word on his daughter, still convinced the police have it wrong and Izzy is alive. Along with Gabe’s POV we hear from the waitress in one of the service stations who knows Gabe as the thin man, wearing down in his endless quest. We also hear from Fran as she takes a little girl called Alice on the run with dangerous men in pursuit. We don’t know how all of these characters and POVs overlap, but slowly the author brings them all together.

I really enjoyed THE OTHER PEOPLE! The writing style with quick changes in POV and short chapters really kept me hooked to keep reading. All of our POV characters are facing their own difficulties and their pain comes through well, dealing with issues of regret, guilt and grief. There is a bit of a paranormal twist to the goings on throughout the narrative, but at its heart this is a book that deals in the real world.

This is a book that kept me up way too late reading at night because it was just that easy to tell myself just one more chapter to uncover another secret to the overarching mysteries of this book. It is a book I would heartily recommend to the thriller fans!

THE OTHER PEOPLE will be on January 28, 2020!

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