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UNDER THE DOME by Stephen King

Rating: 4 / 5

The King Buddy Reads book for March was UNDER THE DOME. This book is massive! When I picked it up from the library and realized how heavy it was, I have to say I was intimidated with the idea of getting through it this month. And then I binged the audiobook and finished it the first week. Oops!

UNDER THE DOME is about the small town of Chesters Mill, Maine. It is a normal weekend day like any other when suddenly a dome descends over the town. Anyone unlucky enough to be at or near the border might suddenly find themselves missing a limb or worse. Traffic comes to a catastrophic standstill as vehicles crash into the invisible wall. People out of town for the day running errands the next city over are suddenly cut off from the family left at home.

As you might imagine, this becomes the top news story across the wold. The government enlists great minds to come up with ways to cut through the unknown material, but nothing seems to be working. Inside the dome, people (particularly the children) begin to have strange visions which indicate that worse is yet to come.

UNDER THE DOME was a reread from me, though I read it last when it first came out. I remembered finding the story itself fascinating but really not liking the ending. I found the story very gripping (clearly since I whipped through the audio so quickly) and this time around I didn’t dislike the ending quite as much (I think maybe because I saw it coming?).

The book plays out in a very cinematic way with a large cast of characters (though I did feel like it was pretty easy to keep them straight) and a lot of descriptions of life as the dome descends and then life under the dome. There are glimpses of the best in people as strangers help keep the town running and support those who have lost their families by distance or tragedy. There is also a lot of the darker side of humanity as people look after their own interests and find a personal silver lining by taking full advantage of a bad situation.

Though I read this well before the coronavirus panic really set in, as I’m writing this I can’t help but think about about some of the ways people have stepped up in our current situation. Sadly also I think of ways people have been hoarding and fighting over things in stores and price gauging for a small bottle of hand sanitizer! The world Stephen King wrote beneath that dome feels very real!

This isn’t a favorite King read for me, but one I really did enjoy I think even better on reread and it is well worth TBR status. It is good arm work out too if you want to read it in print!

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4 thoughts on “UNDER THE DOME by Stephen King”

  1. I liked this one…except for the ending. Which often happens with SK books. I have read many of his where he wrote the perfect ending…and then wrote 100 more pages. Heh. I love me some SK, but sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop. I can’t remember if that was the case for this one, but I do remember being very disappointed with the ending even though I really liked the rest of the book.


    1. That was my same first impression when I read the book when it first came out, and I agree that endings are often a weak point even though I love SKs books!

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