Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

I received this beautiful edition of AMONG THE BEASTS & BRIARS by Ashley Poston in my Owlcrate box. When I needed something to pick up at the end of January before jumping into my February TBR, I decided that this looked like a fun and quick read!

AMONG THE BEASTS & BRIARS is set in the kingdom of Aloriya, a peaceful and prosperous realm thanks to a bargain made with the Lady of the forest. The forest is dark, full of dangers and curses. As a child Cerys and the royal children experienced the forest first hand it it cost them Cerys’ mother, the prince and his guardian. Cerys was permanently changed by the curse of the forest, giving her magic in her blood that she must keep hidden.

It is now coronation day to crown the new queen, but things go wrong and the entire kingdom is taken under by the curse of the forest. It is up to Cerys, a small fox and a big bear to find a way to set things right.

I wouldn’t say this one wowed me, but it was a fun and easy read so it was really exactly what I was looking for. It reads very much like a classic, if a bit more grown up, fairy tale with the heroine going off on a quest to save the day! It has some darkness with the curse of the forest and the darkness that overtakes the people of Aloriya, but I liked that this isn’t strictly good against evil as there are characters very much stuck in the in between thanks to the curse.

Overall this was a fun and uplifting read!

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