Book Review

WE BEGIN AT THE END by Chris Whitaker

I received a complimentary copy of WE BEGIN AT THE END by Chris Whitaker thanks to Henry Holt & Company. I also received the advance listener copy thanks to Macmillan Audio and Netgalley!

Rating: 5 / 5

WE BEGIN AT THE END begins in a coastal California town with the search for a missing girl. Walk was once a young man who testified against his best friend in the hit and run death of their friend Star’s sister. In the present day. thirty years later, Walt has grown up to become the chief of police, but that old experience still haunts him.

Duchess is Star’s thirteen year old daughter. She’s a self-proclaimed outlaw and a fiercely protective older sister give her mother Star’s alcoholism. Star grew up with Vince and Walt and Walt looks out for her and her family, but Duchess is mostly used to looking out for herself. When Vince is released, old feelings and new trouble are stirred up and people are put in danger.

This book gives us the alternating perspectives of Walt and Duchess and I really loved both characters. Walt isn’t perfect, but he’s fiercely loyal and he’s always trying to do the right thing. Star was deeply scarred by the events in their past and without a father to her children, Walt tries to provide them with some extra support. He’s also stuck by Vince even though he was involved in Vince being put in prison, there to support his friend as he’s released and quick to side with him when things get tough.

I loved Duchess. She is stubborn and sometimes impetuous, but she’s had to grow up fast without a father and with a mother who probably shouldn’t be in her current situation. She’s built up walls around her heart, but she’s going to do what’s best for her younger brother and she wants to learn the truth when there are mysteries to be solved. There were many times when my heart broke for her!

This book hooked me in from the opening chapters and it kept me enthralled throughout. I was so thrilled when Henry Holt reached out to offer me a copy of this book and once I got started I could not put it down and even downloaded the audiobook from Netgalley so I would have every opportunity to keep the story going! I loved it both in print and on audio, so definitely recommend you check this one out!

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