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Monday Reading Check In

Happy first Monday of Summer! I hope your new season is off to a good start! Oddly enough, we have had an unusually hot June, but now that summer is here we’ve cooled off a bit. I’m not complaining – it feels too early to be relying on the AC already!

My weekend was good – got to spend time with friends and celebrate father’s day with my dad, but the weekend was also exhausting! I didn’t get to quite as much reading as I’d imagined, but given that I hit my 30 books for June reading goal last week already, that’s okay! This means that any extra reading I get in by the end of the month earns extra bonus points for #TeamEpicAndHigh for #Whateverthon which is nice.

I’ve picked up THE CITY OF BRASS by S.A. Chakraborty as my current read for the week for two reasons. One is that I read this and loved it a couple years back, but I also remember very little of the details and I want to refresh myself before starting on book two in The Daevabad trilogy. Secondly, the only reading prompt for #Whateverthon I haven’t accomplished is the reread prompt. I am not much of a rereader, so this seemed the best pick!

This book follows Nahri, a young woman and con artist who has an amazing afinity for language, heals at an exceptional rate, but doesn’t at all believe in magic. When she accidentally summons a djinn warrior, she must question all of her long held beliefs. She doesn’t know much about where she came from, but this djinn may be able to provide insights to her and her link to the legendary city of brass.

I am remembering more as I get back into the story so I’m looking forward to continuing on and then picking up book two in the series very soon!

Apart from this, I have one other book in progress. KILL ALL YOUR DARLINGS by David Bell (out from Berkley on 7/6) is a thriller with books at its center, so perfectly up my alley. A professor takes advantage of a missing student by passing off their work as his own, but this lands him in even more trouble than you might expect. The student comes back and real crimes are linked to details in the manuscript. We have a buddy read chat on this one this afternoon and then I alook forward to finishing this up!

I have a couple more buddy read books to read this month, but it looks like I’ll have some time to get in some good mood reading too – the perfect combo in my book! What are reading this week?

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