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A Look Back At May…

So long May! It has been a busy month, so I'm glad to be ending it on a nice long weekend! I'm adjusting to gradually going back to work at the office which gave me some slow reading spots during the month, but I finished strong with a few readathons. A SPECIAL PLACE FOR WOMEN… Continue reading A Look Back At May…

Monday Reading Check In, Uncategorized

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends and a happy Memorial Day to those in the U.S. While I haven't known anyone lost in my life, I do know some who have specific names in mind today of those who have been lost and I think of them, those they lost and everyone to whom we owe so… Continue reading Monday Reading Check In

Book Review

FOOL’S ERRAND by Robin Hobb

Rating: 4.5 / 5 FOOL'S ERRAND by Robin Hobb is the first book in the Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb, the third trilogy in her Realm of the Elderling series and the seventh book for the #elderlingalong readalong. I was a little nervous to pick this one up after loving the Liveship Traders trilogy… Continue reading FOOL’S ERRAND by Robin Hobb

Book Review

THE TETHERED MAGE by Melissa Caruso

Rating: 4 / 5 THE TETHERED MAGE by Melissa Caruso was the April/May book pick for the #MagicMayhemReads buddy read on Instagram. I knew nothing about this one going in. THE TETHERED MAGE is set in a world where magic is uncommon and potentially dangerous. Those who develop power must be kept under tight reign,… Continue reading THE TETHERED MAGE by Melissa Caruso

Book Review

MOTHER MAY I by Joshilyn Jackson

Rating: 4.5 / 5 MOTHER MAY I by Joshilyn Jackson was our Mother's Day book pick for the #SaturdayBookstaClub on Bookstagram. We like to settle in for the holidays with a bit of a dark twist! MOTHER MAY I follows Bree, a mother with two little girls and a baby boy. While her husband Trey… Continue reading MOTHER MAY I by Joshilyn Jackson

Book Review

RIDGELINE by Michael Punke

I received a complimentary copy of RIDGELINE by Michael Punke from Henry Holt & Company. Rating: 4 / 5 RIDGELINE is set in 1866 while the US is still recovering from the Civil War. Moving westward, the army has taken up residence in the land that belongs to the Native American tribes. Though they claim… Continue reading RIDGELINE by Michael Punke

Book Review

FAR GONE by Danielle Girard (Out 6/15/2021!)

I received a gifted copy of FAR GONE from the author Danielle Girard through Netgalley. Publication Date: 6/15/2021 Rating: 4.5 / 5 FAR GONE is book two in the author's Badlands Thrillers series. It begins with a young girl named Hannah showing up for a babysitting job only to witness the brutal shooting of the… Continue reading FAR GONE by Danielle Girard (Out 6/15/2021!)

Book Review

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE By Carola Lovering

Rating: 3.5 / 5 TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE By Carola Lovering is another BOTM book that I ordered and then ignored on the shelf. The BOTM backlist readathon in April finally got me to pick this one up! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE follows multiple POVs in multiple timelines. Skye has had a rough… Continue reading TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE By Carola Lovering

Book Review

YOU WILL REMEMBER ME by Hannah Mary McKinnon

I received a complimentary copy of YOU WILL REMEMBER ME by Hannah Mary McKinnon as part of a Let's Talk Books promotional tour! Thank you to Harper Collins and the author! Rating: 4 / 5 YOU WILL REMEMBER ME begins with a man waking up on a beach in Maryland with no memory of who… Continue reading YOU WILL REMEMBER ME by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Book Review, Netgalley

BETH & AMY by Virginia Kantra (Out Today!)

I received a complimentary egalley of BETH & AMY by Virginia Kantra. Thank you to Berkeley Publishing and Netgalley for the chance to read and review! I had the opportunity to read MEG & JO by Virginia Kantra when it came out in 2019, so I was excited to get the opportunity to read this… Continue reading BETH & AMY by Virginia Kantra (Out Today!)