Book Review

MEET ME IN PARADISE by Libby Hubscher

Rating: 4.5 / 5

MEET ME IN PARADISE by Libby Hubscher is a book that I had seen several friends love, so I was happy to receive it in my adult Once Upon a Book Club book box! This is not one I typically would have picked up on my own, but I was glad to have the opportunity to read it!

MEET ME IN PARADISE follows Marin. Marin once had big dreams, but after her mother was killed she had to step up to raise her younger sister Sadie. Sadie is the one living a life of adventure traveling to distant places while Marin has never actually seen the ocean. When Sadie strongly suggests a sisters getaway Marin agrees, but she finds herself on the tropical island of Saba without her sister, without her luggage and without her passport to make a hasty retreat to home.

On her journey, Marin meets Lucas Tsai who also happens to be the owner of the resort she’s headed to. When her sister challenges her to actually stay on Saba and break out of her shell, Lucas is there to help. When the reasons behind her travel mishaps are revealed, Marin must reassess her own life and her future.

I was warned going into this one that it dealt with some heavy topics behind that pretty illustrated cover, but I was not fully prepared. This is a keep your tissues handy kind of read! I thought it was beautifully done and I really enjoyed it, but it will break your heart as well.

There are plenty of fun moments as well to break up the less fun. I loved the idea of this tropical vacation and seeing Marin break out of her comfort zone along the way. I loved the relationships between Marin and both Sadie and Lucas as they each provided her with support and encouragement to broaden her horizons.

One of my favorite things about this subscription boxes is trying books that I would not necessarily have read otherwise and this book certainly was that. I really enjoyed the read and the full box experience! If you are interested in checking out Once Upon a Book Club for yourself, DGREADS10 will give you 10% off your first order!

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