DON’T TURN AROUND by Jessica Barry

I received a gifted copy of DON’T TURN AROUND by Jessica Barry from Harper Perennial for an honest review.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Publication Date: 6/16/2021

DON’T TURN AROUND follows two women, Cait and Rebecca. They have never met before, but Cait shows up at Rebecca’s house late in the night to pick her up. Together they have a long journey to make for reasons initially unknown to the reader, but it is clear that tensions are high. Each of the women have secrets to keep.

As they travel over desolate roads, danger finds them and someone is determined to take them out. This becomes a high stakes race for survival. It is unknown who the target is as both Cait and Rebecca have reasons why they could be in danger.

This was a very gripping read and it kept me hooked to see what happened next. I was instantly intrigued by why this high stakes journey was happening and the dangers they faced on the road did keep me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed getting to see how the women began to open up to each other as well.

It is hard to talk about this without spoilers, so I am going to be vague but did want to point out a few things so venture on in my thoughts at your own risk. There definitely appear to be some political points that the author wants to put across when it comes to women’s rights. There are bigger issues at play than the lives of just these two women. I was not expecting this from the book and while I didn’t object to the perspective she puts across, it did slow down the thriller aspect of the story a bit for me.

I definitely would read more from Jessica Barry in the future because I did really enjoy this thriller overall.

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