Monday Morning Check In

Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday! Who else is a bit in denial that this week kicks off December? I had a wonderful (too short) long weekend! It involved hard cider tasting and friends and books and plants and lights and puppy snuggles and fun… it was just over too soon!

Thankfully I decided to take it a bit slow heading back into the work week so though I had to be online for an 8am training, I took it from home and am signing off work at noon. The rest of the day will involve getting groceries, picking up a book from the library and grabbing lunch while I’m out… and hopefully continuing on with my current reads! I have a couple books that I’m currently hoping to wrap up before the month ends so I can start fresh on December 1 with my new reading advent calendar I put together (see my Instagram story highlights for more on that).

EVERYTHING WE DIDN’T SAY by Nicole Baart is my newest current read – I started this one on audio while driving all around Los Angeles yesterday and got about halfway into it. I look forward to wrapping up this one today. This book follows Juniper as she returns to her hometown in the present to help out a friend, but her family has had a troubled past in the small town she grew up in and things from the past are bubbling up again. This is a lot of family drama with a bit of mystery thrown in. It feels a bit slow at times, but I am intrigued to see where it heads.

I have also been working on slowly reading IRON WIDOW by Xiran Jay Zhao for the Illumicrate readalong. This is a SciFi/Fantasy inspired by Chinese history. Women are used as concubines to help the male warriors power giant Chrysalises which are machines that can transform into powerful shapes to defend the wall. Problem is this generally kills the women involved. Our protagonist Zetian lost her sister to this system, so she has signed on to get her revenge. I am really loving this one!

What are you trying to wrap up before the month ends? Anything you’re particularly looking forward to for December? I’d love to hear!

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