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Monday Reading Check In

A final Happy Monday from me for 2021! Time has lost a lot of meaning, but unfortunately I am back at work today and thanks to Covid it isn’t quite the slow week I normally get between holidays at the end of the year. I do look forward to having another three day weekend ahead to end off 2021 and kick off 2022!

I had a good long Christmas weekend with family and friends, but it was definitely busy. I’m regretting not taking an extra day off to recover! Kylee also managed to hurt herself on our Christmas Day walk, slipping in the rain on my parents’ front step (she is a California dog… we don’t get much experience walking in the rain here) which added a bit of stress to the weekend too, but she’s back to being her waggy happy self now.

I am officially reading my final advent calendar book, BEASTS OF PREY by Ayana Gray, only a few days late! I think I’ll even manage to get in a book or two more by the end of the year (or a good head start on some of my chunky January reads). This is the pretty recolored edition that came in a Fairyloot box, but I also received a copy from Once Upon a Book Club, so I have some fun gifts to open along the way too!

In BEASTS OF PREY, Koffi and her mother are indentured to the Night Zoo, taking care of the animals until their debt is paid off. When something goes wrong, Koffi is suddenly on the run with the newfound knowledge that magic may really exist. Ekon is a warrior in training, but a run in with Koffi and with a monster knocks all of his plans off track. The book is following both characters POV (and there are dual narrators for the audio as well) and so far the two are separate and at odds, but I look forward to seeing how their stories become more intertwined! This one is full of action and it is keeping me wanting to stop working and start reading!

What are your reading plans to finish off the year? Anything you’re hoping to wrap up?

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