Book Review

THE MEMORY INDEX by Julian R. Vaca

I received a complimentary copy of THE MEMORY INDEX by Julian R. Vaca as part of a TLC Book Tours scheduled tour. Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read and review!

Rating: 4
Publication Date: 8/9/2022

THE MEMORY INDEX is a young adult scifi set in an alternate history where the world has been hit with a terrible disease which destroys memories. Science has stepped in and through technology, memories can be recorded and refreshed, but it keeps people locked into strict schedules with reliance on tapes and devices. For some this means only a once a day treatment, but for many it means more.

New technology is being developed to replace artificial recall and five hundred students have been selected to take part in the trial run at Foxtail Academy. Freya is one of the lucky chosen, unique in that she is the only one of the chosen who requires multiple recall sessions in a day. She also suffers from strange and painful half-memories. Freya is hoping to get answers to the mystery surrounding her father’s death while working for the company responsible for all of the memory related technology.

The premise of this one really caught my attention so I was quick to pick this up after it came in the mail. I wound up flying through it, finishing it in less than a day! I really loved the whole concept of this alternate history world. There was a definite feel of nostalgia for the 80s setting even as we were exploring a lot of difference this world experienced.

The idea of how memory loss would impact life was very intriguing. The fact that people have varying needs for treatment results in a new class system and the treatments themselves are so regimented that they require all new ways of dealing with living your daily life. We’re following a small group of the students at the school as they arrive and begin to get the lay of the land and I enjoyed the various way they asked questions and explored the mysteries of this world!

This took some definite twists and turns that kept me wanting to know what would come next. I really enjoyed that this was primarily scifi but with some mystery and thriller elements mixed in. It left me wanting more so I will for sure be keeping an eye out for the sequel!

THE MEMORY INDEX is available now!

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