Book Review

BONE WHITE by Ronald Malfi

Rating: 4 / 5

BONE WHITE by Ronald Malfi is set in Dread’s Hand, Alaska where a man walks out of the woods to speak to the police, confessing to murdering several people. He’s in rough shape, but the police aren’t sure what to make of him. Still, they follow him into the woods and find the bodies he said would be there.

Paul Gallo sees the report on the news and immediately recognizes the name of the town a the last place his twin brother was seen alive. He heads for Alaska hoping to finally get answers. He and his brother were at once both very close with a strange twin connection from birth, but also estranged as their lives went down very opposite paths. When he arrives in Dread’s Hand, he is faced with more questions than answers and the locals aren’t being helpful in his quest to lay his brother’s fate to rest.

I needed a book with a color in the title for a recent readathon so it was finally time to pick this one up from the shelf. It wound up being the perfect, gripping readathon pick as it kept me wanting answers the more I read. This is part mystery and part horror and all a bit strange (in a good way). I had some theories about what was going on, but the author kept throwing twists in that I didn’t precisely predict.

This was dark and creepy and it would make a great spooky season read!


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