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THE LIGHT WE CARRY by Michelle Obama

Thank you to Random House for my gifted copy of THE LIGHT WE CARRY: OVERCOMING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES by Michelle Obama and to PRH Audio for the gifted audiobook!

Rating: 5 / 5

THE LIGHT WE CARRY is our former first lady’s follow up to her memoir BECOMING. In this book she speaks to the difficulties we face in the world from the pandemic to racial injustice to women’s rights to a government which encourages rebellion. People are faced with hardships and stresses at every turn and with this book she seeks to share some of the tools and coping mechanisms she has put together to see herself through some of the trials in her own life.

I rally enjoyed BECOMING so had high hopes for this new book and I am happy to report that I found this book just as good. I wound up listening to a lot of this novel on audiobook which she narrates herself and it really felt a lot like hearing a discussion with a friend.

I loved how open she was about some of her struggles from her past and present. Many were relatable like the pain of seeing some of our government under our most recent former president to some of the things that have brought her through it all. She talks about finding knitting as a coping mechanism during Covid lockdown, giving herself an activity that engaged the mind and the physical body, but also had a mindless nature to it. This is something that definitely brings me peace as well with my crafting. Friendships are a key part of her life and that is absolutely one of the best ways I’ve gotten through the last few years as well.

She is very clear that not everything that works for her will work for everyone and that it is all an ever evolving process. Being easy on ourselves and dealing with life’s challenges is never easy. Still, I found the overall tone of this book to be hopeful and encouraging.

I really loved both the book and the audio for this one. THE LIGHT WE CARRY is available now!

Reading Challenges:

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