Book Review

LITTLE PIECES OF ME by Alison Hammer (Out Today!)

I received a complimentary copy of LITTLE PIECES OF ME by Alison Hammer from William Morrow Books! I was also on the Let’s Talk Books promotional tour for this novel!

Rating: 4 / 5

Pub Day: 4/13/2021

LITTLE PIECES OF ME follows two story lines. In the modern day Paige is a forty something woman still grieving the death of her father when she gets an alert from a DNA test telling her that her father wasn’t actually biologically related to her. Her actual father is named Andy. Her mother refuses to discuss this shocking surprise, but Paige can’t help but want to learn more.

The second story line is that of Paige’s mother Betsy in the time frame of Paige’s conception and birth. The mystery of how Paige wound up meeting Andy and conceiving a child with him is slowly revealed as the reader’s questions of who knew what and when are answered.

This book was so easy to settle into and I really enjoyed the read, especially Paige’s journey throughout. Paige had a strained relationship with her mother and a special bond with her father for her entire life and I could absolutely feel the grief she has both in the death of her father and in the sudden shock of learning that she isn’t her father’s daughter. I loved the people who surrounded Paige, from her supportive fiancee to her her best friends who both support and also push her to consider the possibility of expanding her family.

I struggled a bit more with connecting to Betsy, though I was still hooked during her portions of the narrative. Betsy made some very poor choices that I couldn’t agree with, but I think the author did a great job of showing how those choices impacted her life and her attitudes throughout. She too has a fantastic supportive friend who I really loved, continuing the strong theme of friendship.

This book dealt with a lot of issues of identity, family, friendship and love, and it is one I absolutely recommend. I will be looking to read more from Alison Hammer in the future!

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