Book Review

THE CIRCLE by Stephen Galgon

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE CIRCLE by Stephen Galgon was April’s book for #theboozybuddyread hosted by @theboozy.reader. This one had been on my radar, so I was happy to have an extra excuse to pick it up!

THE CIRCLE follows Douglas Goodwin, a man who is sucked into a life he never anticipated. While meeting a friend for drinks, Doug is escorted into a back world and a club that one can’t turn down. The perks include an endless supply of money and power, but there are major downsides too. You are forced to hunt and kill other members of The Circle and there is a nearly constant target on your own back as well!

I went into this one without having recently read the synopsis and wow was it a wild ride! As you read, you can feel Doug’s sense of isolation as he’s trapped in a club he never asked to join. It really was an impossible situation having no one to go to without putting them in danger as well. It is a dark world that Doug is living in.

This book really kept me gripped throughout and it threw in some twists that I did not anticipate! I was constantly wondering how Doug would handle this life, whether he could find a way out or if he would need to buy into the money and power to save himself.

We had the added benefit of having a chat with the author which was a lot of fun as well and I’m excited for the next installment in the series, LEGENDS OF THE CIRCLE due out later this year. This proves to provide some more background on The Circle and I can’t wait!

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