Book Review


Rating: 5 / 5

THE BLACK FLAMINGO by Dean Atta is a book that has long been on my my TBR. I’ve seen countless rave reviews and I’ve been loving books in verse for the last couple years. Being in verse, I knew I’d have to pick this one up both in print and on audio.

THE BLACK FLAMINGO tells the coming of age story of Michael. Michael is of a mixed heritage being half Black and half Greek Cypriot. In addition, he is a gay teen. He is still trying to figure out who exactly he is from first crushes to new friendships and complicated relationships. When he goes to college he discovers the world of drag and finds a new way to express himself.

Going into this one, I expected to love it and I was not disappointed. There are hard hitting subjects and trigger warnings for homophobia and racism, but the author does a fantastic job of putting the reader into Michael’s mind through his words as he’s exploring his own feelings on these things. We get to follow Michael as he grows up and comes into his own over the course of the novel as well.

I am very glad to have had both the print and the audio for this. With this type of book I love to see the way the author used the words on the page and how they are shaped and positioned to enhance the story he’s telling.

If you have not yet experienced THE BLACK FLAMINGO, I absolutely recommend you pick it up!

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