Book Review

THE OUTSIDE by Ada Hoffmann

Rating: 4 / 5

THE OUTSIDE by Ada Hoffmann was the June book pick for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. This was a new title to me, but when I saw it described as a mix of scifi and horror, I was intrigued!

THE OUTSIDE follows Yasira, an autistic scientist working on a new energy drive which could change everything, but in the final moments leading up to it’s deployment, she begins to have very bad feelings about it. That feeling proves true when the activation begins to warp reality, bringing about the destruction of the space station and the end of many lives.

Yasira is among the survivors, but she is blamed for her work. The universe is ruled by artificial Gods, AI built by humans who now control them. They bring Yasira in, forcing her to help in the tracking down of the mentor who worked with her on the damaging technology. As reality continues to warp and bring danger to many, Yasira must seek ways to help.

This book was weird – in the best possible way! I loved the creativity the author brought to the evolving and warping world and the way this shift impacted the various people we encounter. The concept of the artificial intelligence gods and angels was also very fascinating.

I loved following Yasira as well. I thought the author did a fantastic job of portraying the strengths and the struggles of an autistic character and the varied ways people perceive that person. There are those who dismiss her, those willing to work with her requirements, and those like Yasira’s girlfriend who truly understand what she needs.

The sequel, THE FALLEN, is out this month and I definitely will be picking that up soon!

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